Apology Accepted

Father, I Pray whoever is reading this,
That your divine power and love
be filled in their minds hearts and souls
In Jesus’ Name.

I am writing this blog post to discuss the importance of forgiveness. We have all had times in our lives where we have wronged someone else and they have wronged us, so it is only natural that you think to yourself: am I just supposed to forgive everyone?? The answer is yes. You do not need to submit yourself to any emotional blackmail for what happened in the past because you will never get over it until you accept that it has happened and let go of it.

In the world today, forgiveness is a topic of much discussion and debate. Many people say they forgive others, but their actions belie the truth of their words.

Our culture tells us that we should forgive others, but it is not always easy. Even more difficult is giving forgiveness when it has been done to you. This can be especially difficult when you have been sinned against by someone who has meant to protect you from harm and help you grow in maturity as followers of Christ.

When you forgive someone who has done something wrong to you and should recognize the power that you giving to that person. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself and others. On many occasions, a bitter person may not realize how much damage they caused in the lives of others through their actions. If you learn to forgive them and use your forgiveness as an opportunity for spiritual growth, then you will be able to experience peace at the end of it all. God sent Jesus to die for our sins on the cross. Because of him, we know that God has accepted us into His family, which is an amazing gift! And yet so many of us struggle with accepting others into our lives even after they asked for forgiveness. This can be due to a variety of reasons. We have all sinned. We have all fallen short, and that means we all need forgiveness…

Remember, Satan is a liar!!