Prayer Is Needed..

Father, I pray whoever is reading this that your divine power and love be fill in their minds, hearts and souls in Jesus Name,

Envy can be a difficult emotion to cope with, especially when it affects people in our lives. At times, it can be hard to not feel envy when we see people succeeding in their lives and achieving things that we want for ourselves. But it’s important to remember that God knows our hearts and is aware of our struggles. He knows that we all have unique paths, and that what works for others might not be the same for us. We can take comfort in the fact that He sees our efforts to achieve our goals, and He will be with us through the journey.

Envy is a very common emotion in our lives, and it can be hard to deal with when it comes from people we care about. We often feel hurt and confused when someone is envious of us, so it’s important to take a step back and try to understand why they may be feeling that way. One way to do this is to pray for them, as this will help us to see the situation from a more compassionate perspective.

In our prayers, we can ask God to help us understand their feelings and why they are feeling envious. We can also ask for the courage to speak to them and create an open dialogue, so that the feelings of envy can be addressed in a healthy way. We can also pray for the strength to forgive and accept ourselves, even when others are envious of us.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that envy is a normal emotion and most of us have experienced it. It’s okay to feel hurt or confused by it, but we should also try to be understanding and compassionate towards the person who is feeling envious.

Though it can be tough to be surrounded by envious people, try to stay focused on your own journey. Do your best to focus on your own goals and successes rather than comparing yourself to others. We can also use this as an opportunity to practice compassion and understanding towards those who are struggling with envy. Remember that we all have our own battles, and by showing compassion and being kind to one another, we can help each other through difficult times.



Remember, Satan is Liar!


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